Antareco is a specialized company providing accounting services, payroll, tax compliance and accounting advisory services for international entities. Our company implements compliance services including reporting derivatives to a trade repository in accordance with EMIR.


On 16th August 2012, Regulation (UE) No 648/2012 of the European Parliament and Council Regulation of 4th July 2012 on OTC derivatives entered into force. The regulation ensures that information on all European derivative transactions will be reported to trade repositories.

Every entrepreneur residing within the EU that concluded a derivative agreement is obliged to report it to a trade repository. This obligation refers to derivative transactions (including swap, forward, options) that took place after 16th August 2012. Sanctions for breaching the obligations originating from EMIR in Poland were introduced on 30th January 2015. The maximum fine is one million PLN. Basically, the reporting obligation lies on both counterparties. The fulfilment of this duty could be passed onto a third party. The derivative is to be reported to a trade repository the following day after the transactions has taken place.

Counterparties must keep a record of any derivative contract they have concluded.


Compliance services in terms of reporting derivatives to a trade repository conducted by Antareco encompass all steps of the complete reporting process:

  • Collecting data on derivatives
  • Derivatives’ analysis in order to guarantee an adequate classification
  • Reporting to trade repository
  • Keeping records of reported derivatives transactions


Best specialists

Thanks to years of experience and specialization in the financial field, we have gained vast knowledge about financial instruments.

Wide range of operations

Our international background allows us to report for all EU entities.

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We offer our clients complex and tailor made services.

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Efficacious communication between our specialists and clients results in the highest standard of our services.

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